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What is the best 3D modeling and animation software to learn?

There are many 3D Animation Software.  They are all similar.  So, if you learn one, you will be able to move to another one with little effort. Although, it will take a bit of learning the new program in the beginning.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Blender 3D

Blender 3D Animation Software is free to download and you may use Blender 3D Software in personal and commercial projects at no cost. That is a great advantage. There are lots of online tutorials and Blender is a pretty powerful program that matches or nearly matches the more expensive professional programs and exceeds them in a few areas.

The disadvantage of Blender 3D can be that it can be a little difficult to learn and adapt to if you have learned another modeling software first. Many people love Blender 3D and don’t find it clunky if they started using or have the ability to pick up how to use the tools. So, you may learn it and love it. However, others, who have used Maya or 3Ds Max may find Blender counter-intuitive to using the Autodesk programs.

In any event, the fact that you can use Blender 3D for commercial purposes without paying is a huge advantage. If you’re a fan of the opening title sequence to The Walking Dead, then you can see the power of Blender 3D.  The Walking Dead title sequence was created with Blender.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya 3d modeling and animation software is extremely powerful and is used by big budget movies for visual effects and is also used by companies such as Disney and Pixar to create animation in addition to being used for gaming model creation. It is free to try for students.  You can get an education license and will be able to download and use the full program for free if you are a student.  There are limitations.  You are not allowed to use Maya for any commercial purposes unless you own a license.  You will not be able to create on the student version and then upgrade to a commercial version.  So, make sure that you know the rules before you download.  Read the license.  This is great if you are a 3D Animation, Gaming Development or visual effects student.

3D Animation Software

The education version of Autodesk Maya does contain Arnold Render Engine.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Autodesk 3Ds Max

3Ds Max is a powerful modeling program that is used in many professional settings. It is not for animation, but is a powerful modeling tool that is used to create game assets and other models. You can also download 3Ds Max at the Autodesk site.  Both Autodesk Maya and 3Ds Max are used in feature film and gaming production.  It is my preference to go with learning Maya first, but some people find that 3Ds Max has different benefits from Maya.  If you watch feature film breakdowns, most of them are using Maya from my viewing experience.

You can view feature film breakdowns in the upper right corner link of this website or click here for easy access:  Feature Film Movie Visual Effects Breakdowns