Rotoscoping in Adobe After Effects



1.  Effects and presets – Warp stabilizer VFX (only works on moving footage)

2.  Change Stabilization to NO MOTION

3.  Change Smoothness to Position, Scale, Rotation

4.  Borders Framing to Stabilize Only


5.  Download the suggested script called Warp to Keys here

6.  Run the Warp to Keys script

7.  In the script panel – select Apply to Layer

8.  Click the Warp Stabilizer to Keyframes button

9.  Create a mask around the entire clip and much of the pasteboard

10.  Click Reverse Stabilization button in the script panel.

11.  Window – Autocrop (which will be there once you run the script, I think)

12.   Click the Mask Crop button on the script panel

13.  Use autocrop again to shrink the size of the clip


  • (create different masks for each piece of his arm)
  • Put your masks on a separate layers (Layer – New Solid)
  • Create Null Object (create position keyframe and keep point in center of area)
  • Page Down to go through frame by frame
  • Parent Null to Solid Layer you just created.

I’m not outlining the steps for masks.  Watch the video.

ROTOSCOPING USING MOCA starts at around 39 minutes into the video.

ROTOBRUSH STARTS AT 46 minutes into the video.

Problems with motion blue.

Problems with low contrast.

1.  Create line directly down the center of the areas you want to affect.

2.  Hold ALT key and paint over the area you don’t want.

After Effects as created a base keyframe.

3.  Go frame by frame and correct problems as they occur.

Refine edge tool to refine edges.  Paint along the edges where you want it to be improved. You can change settings in the Effects Panel.