Books on Visual Effects

[digital] Visual Effects and Compositing 1st Edition
by Jon Gress

Masters of FX: Behind the Scenes with Geniuses of Visual and Special Effects
by Ian Failes

The VES Handbook of Visual Effects: Industry Standard VFX Practices and Procedures 2nd Edition
by Susan Zwerman (Editor), Jeffrey A. Okun (Editor)

The Visual Effects Producer: Understanding the Art and Business of VFX 1st Edition
by Charles Finance (Author), Susan Zwerman (Author)

Inside VFX: An Insider’s View Into The Visual Effects And Film Business Paperback – December 15, 2014
by Pierre Grage (Author), Scott Ross (Foreword)

Production Pipeline Fundamentals for Film and Games Paperback – February 3, 2014
by Renee Dunlop (Author)

Maya Python for Games and Film: A Complete Reference for Maya Python and the Maya Python API Hardcover – September 28, 2011
by Adam Mechtley (Author), Ryan Trowbridge (Author)

Matchmoving: The Invisible Art of Camera Tracking 2nd Edition
by Tim Dobbert (Author)

Digital Lighting and Rendering (3rd Edition) (Voices That Matter) 3rd Edition
by Jeremy Birn (Author)

Adobe After Effects CC Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques 1st Edition
by Mark Christiansen (Author)

Digital Compositing for Film and Video 3rd Edition
by Steve Wright (Author)

Compositing Visual Effects: Essentials for the Aspiring Artist 2nd Edition
by Steve Wright (Author)

Nuke 101: Professional Compositing and Visual Effects (2nd Edition) (Digital Video & Audio Editing Courses) 2nd Edition
by Ron Ganbar (Author)

The Green Screen Handbook: Real-World Production Techniques 2nd Edition
by Jeff Foster (Author)

The Art and Science of Digital Compositing, Second Edition: Techniques for Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Graphics (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics) 2nd Edition
by Ron Brinkmann (Author)

The Digital Matte Painting Handbook Paperback – April 12, 2011
by David B. Mattingly (Author)

Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop Paperback – January 31, 2012
by Nykolai Aleksander (Author), Richard Tilbury (Author)

Multithreading for Visual Effects 1st Edition
by Martin Watt (Author), Erwin Coumans (Author), George ElKoura (Author), Ronald Henderson (Author), Manuel Kraemer (Author), Jeff Lait (Author), James Reinders (Author)

Maya Visual Effects The Innovator’s Guide: Autodesk Official Press 2nd Edition
by Eric Keller (Author)

Filming the Fantastic: A Guide to Visual Effects CinematographySep 1, 2011
by Mark Sawicki

VISUAL EFFECTS: THEORY & PRACTICE [Print Replica] Kindle Edition

The Visual Effects Arsenal: VFX Solutions for the Independent FilmmakerApr 17, 2009
by Bill Byrne

Editing and Special/Visual Effects (Behind the Silver Screen Series)Jul 29, 2016
by Professor Charlie Keil and Kristen Whissel

Computer Vision for Visual Effects 1st Edition
by Richard J. Radke (Author)

Blender for Visual Effects Paperback – May 26, 2015
by Sam Vila (Author)

Creating Visual Effects in Maya: Fire, Water, Debris, and DestructionMar 20, 2014
by Lee Lanier

Adobe After Effects CC Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques 1st Edition
by Mark Christiansen (Author)