Can’t Load Maya 2015

At this time there are five service packs that also need to be installed.  If you are new to Maya, you should know that installing Maya is, sometimes, a full day process.  It will load, but you must take the time to troubleshoot as you go.  Here are some tips and steps to help you in the process.

1.  Go to the Education Page to download.

2.  Click on the Maya icon/link and Register.

3.  After filling out the necessary info, click INSTALL NOW

With this install, you may not be able to load Maya.  Here are possible steps to take to get the program to work.

1.  Switch browsers and try the process above again.

2.  You have to download the service packs from the downloads center and run them.  Then restart Maya.

As of this writing, there are five service packs available.  You can find them by typing in “service pack maya” into the search.

Each version of Maya will have special service packs.  Here are the links for Maya 2015:


License was not obtained.  Licence method:  can’t determine license method Product choice:  can’t determine product choice Licence file override: environment variable MAYA_ALT_EN is not set.


A.  You must have an active internet connection when you start Maya.
B.  You should have the product key and serial number handy to activate Maya.
C.  Make sure you downloaded the Education version and not the Trial version.  If you did this then go to the Educational Downloads link above and try again.


Possible links that could help:  Not verified



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