File > New Scene Ctrl+n
File > Open Scene Ctrl+o
File > Save Scene Ctrl+s
File > Exit Ctrl+q

Show/Hide main menu bar Ctrl+m
Show/Hide panel menu bar Shift+m
Menu Set marking menu h+LMB
Show Animationmenu set F2
Show Modeling menu set F3
Show Dynamics menu set F4
Show Rendering menu set F5

Display > Hide > Hide Selection Ctrl+h
Display > Show > Show Last Hidden Ctrl+Shift+H
Display > Hide > Hide Unselected Objects Alt+h
Show > Isolate Select > View Selected Shift+I

Shading > Wireframe 4
Shaded display 5
Shaded and Textured display 6
Lighting > Use All Lights 7
Display Quality marking menu d+LMB
Low Quality Display setting 1
Medium Quality Display setting 2
High Quality Display setting 3

Toogle Attribute Editor and Channel Box Crtl+a
Frame all in active panel a
History Operations marking menu a+LMB
Frame All in all views Shift+A
Frame selected in active panel f
Frame selected in all views Shift+F
Redo view change ]
Undo view change [
Set keyboard focus to command line `
Set keyboard focus to numeric input line Alt+`
Help > Contents and Search F1

Snap to curves c
Snap to grids x
Snap to points v
Move, Rotate, Scale Tool snapping j
Move, Rotate, Scale Tool relative snapping Shift+J

Complete current tool Return
Abort current tool ~
Enter tool Edit mode Insert
Select Tool Shift menu+Q
Component marking Shift menu+Q+LMB
Select tool Alt+q
Polygon marking menu Alt+q+LMB
Mask marking menu q+LMB
Move tool w
Move tool marking menu w+LMB
Rotate tool e
Rotate tool marking menu e+LMB
Scale tool r
Scale tool marking menu r+LMB
Show manipulator tool t
Select last used tool [3] y
Snap Move, Rotate, Scale tool j
Increase manipulator size = or +
Decrease manipulator size –

Flood with the current value Alt+f
Turn Show Wireframe on/off Alt+a
Turn Color Feedback on/off Alt+c
Toggle Reflection on/off Alt+r
Artisan Paint Operation marking menu u+LMB
Modify upper brush radius b
Modify lower brush radius Shift+B
Edit Paint Effects template brush settings Ctrl+b
Modify Artisan brush Stamp Depth i
Modify Max Displacement [1] m
Modify Value n
Switch to pick colour mode /
Select cluster mode [2] ‘
Open Paint Effects panel 8
Poly Brush Tool marking menu o+LMB
Poly UV Tool marking menu o+MMB

Animate > Set key s
Insert Keys tool [4] i
Keyframe marking menu Shift+S+LMB
Tangent marking menu Shift+S+MMB
Set key for Rotate Shift+E
Ser key for Scale Shift+R
Set key for Translate Shift+W
Cycle handle stiky state (for IK handles) Alt+s

Move forward one frame Alt+.
Move backward one frame Alt+,
Go to Next key .
Go to previous key ,
Turn Playback on/off Alt+v
Go to Min Frame Alt+Shift+v

Move up one pixel Alt+Up arrow
Move down one pixel Alt+Down arrow
Move left one pixel Alt+Left arrow
Move right one pixel Alt+Right arrow

Switching between Objevt and Component Editing F8
Select Polygon and Subdivision Surface Vertices F9
Select Polygon and Subdivision Surface Edges F10
Select Polygon and Subdivision Surface Faces F11
Select Polygon and Subdivision Surface UVs F12
Select next intermediate onject Ctrl+i
Select Polygon Vertex/Faces Alt+F9
Shrink polygon selection region <
Grow polygon selection region >

Walk up the current hierarchy Up arrow
Walk down current hierarchy Down arrow
Walk left current hierarchy Left arrow
Walk right current hierarchy Right arrow

Display coarser Sub-d level Crtl+Up arrow
Select/refine Sub-d component Crtl+Down arrow
Convert poly selection to Vertices Crtl+F9
Convert poly selction to Edges Crtl+F10
Covert poly selection to Faces Crtl+F11
Convert poly selction to UVs Crtl+F12

Edit > Undo z or Ctrl+z
Edit > Redo Shift+z
Edit > Repeat g
Repeat command at mouse position Shift+G
Edit > Duplicate Ctrl+d
Edit > Duplicate with Transform Shift+D
Edit > Group Crtl+g
Edit > Parent p
Edit > Unparent Shift+P
Edit > Cut Crtl+x
Edit > Copy Crtl+c
Edit > Paste Ctrl+v