How To Fix Find Troubleshoot in Autodesk Maya

Are you having problems finding the location of something in Autodesk Maya?  Are you stuck and can’t solve the difficulty you’re having doing your homework?  This page is an ongoing help page that is incomplete.  I will keep adding things as I run into them.

THE FIRST STEP IN TROUBLSHOOTING is to go to and look up Maya Service Pack and download and load the latest Maya software fixes.a

You should also have a custom shelf set up:

SHIFT – CONTROL – Then hit the tool you want to add.

Useful Tools to Place on Your Shelf
Edit – Delete by type

You MUST work within a Maya “Project”.

1.  When you start up Maya initially you should always do from the menu, never by double-clicking on a scene file)

2.   the very first thing you should do is either click on “File-Project-Create New” or “File-Project-Set” if you’ve already got one.  This creates a filesystem hierarchy with all of your scene files, texture files, sourceimages files, etc., all in the right place for Maya to find them.

3.  When you archive, or move from school to home, you should move the entire project with all the subdirectories along with it.  When you open Maya (from the menu, not by double-clicking), you should click on “File-Project-Set” and select the project you just moved over.

If you do this after the fact and try to cobble it together later, it won’t work. If you just bring your scene file over to your home computer, it won’t work.  If you don’t set the project every time, it won’t work.

When you do it this way, your file textures are given “relative” pathnames; i.e., relative to the project.  If you look at a file texture in the attribute editor, the reference should say “sourceimages\myfile.jpg” or whatever the name of the image is.  There should be nothing before the word “sourceimages” – no slash, backslash, or other path information.  If there is, erase it.

If you haven’t done the project setting correctly, you’re likely to see something like “C:\Documents And Settings\Joe\Desktop\project\sourceimages\myimage.jpg” This looks right, but it will only work if your project is on the desktop of Joe’s login on the C drive of a computer – if you move the project, Maya won’t know where to put it.  Erase the string before “sourceimages” and you should be OK.

N8Skow points out the obvious – you should press the 6 key to show your textures, of course – it may just be a display thing.  My money is on the project setting – it happens ALL the time.


Problem:  Maya keeps crashing every time I try to render.
FIX 1:  Delete the preferences folder. (back up the folder first)  Documents and Settings – Maya – Preferences

Or delete the preferences mel script (/Users/beige/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2012-x64/prefs/userPrefs.mel

TROUBLSHOOT 1:  Try rendering from a new camera.  Sometimes cameras get corrupted. (If it still crashes, then you’ve eliminated this as the possible problem)  Did that work?  If no, move on to the next troubleshoot.

TROUBLESHOOT 2::  Try hiding everything from your scene and rendering.  If it works, then geometry is your problem.

TROUBLESHOOT 3:  FILE – EXPORT ALL and try rendering from that.

TROUBLESHOOT 4:  Turn off raytracing and shaders


Problem:  Eyes pop out of the head:

Possible Solutions:





Control _ Shift then the command to add to shelf

PROBLEM:  Missing INPUT in the Channel Box

Turn on the HISTORY

– Then you will have create your shape again in order to see the history for the shape.


//Error:  Cannot find procedure “hikWriteSkeletonPoseFile”.

Got the message when working in the HUMANIK window.  Blue icon – Skeleton – Export Template – name it test

//Error:Attribute not found or variable missing ‘$’: fluidShape6.textureTime

In the expression editor while trying to put an expression in while doing dynamics to create fire.

FIX:  Possible fix is to change the fluidShape# to the proper number.

//Error:camera2.translateX already had an input connection.

FIX:  well motion path requires position and rotation fields to be free of any input connections, and with camera with aim there are input connection in rotation fields, check attribute editor. I would suggest take a normal camera without aim and then after animating it on motion path delete the connections on rotation field and then use aim constraint with a locator.

//Error:Could not open command port command port Default because that name is in use.

//Error: file: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2013/ line 138:  Select at least one curve to project.

//Error:dognewgeometry:CollarShape is already bound as skin.


//Error: Freeze Transformwas not applied because RIGHT_HEEL_CONTROL_JOINT.rotateX has incoming connection.

FIX:  in chanelbox check translateX, RMB, and then choose “break connections”)

// Error: line 1: Cannot find procedure “updateBatchRenderOptionsWindow”.

FIX:  usually means that MEL cannot locate the procedure that the script or command you are executing requires. In other words, either the procedure has not been highlighted and executed in the Script Editor, the name was misspelled, or it doesn’t exist in any of the scripts in your script path.

It can also mean that there has not been enough information supplied to the script or command in order for it to work properly.

The first thing to do is to make sure that the procedure exists either on disk in your ~/maya/scripts directory (or script path). Check to make sure the spelling of the procedure name matches the spelling that you are executing.

If you have confirmed that it exists in a script or has been sourced into memory via the Script Editor. The next thing to check is the argument list of the procedure that is reporting the problem.

//Error: (Mayatomr:Shader):lightFogSE3: no shader assigned in material

//Error: Must select a skin to detach

//Error:  No deformable objects selected (when trying to Create Deformers during blend shapes) Solution 1 – one problem was that the original geometry was different from the imported blendshapes

//Error:  No object matches the name (when applying gravity to a number of particle emitters)

I ended up opening the outliner and selecting particles (not the emitter)  I had to select each particle separately.  The problem was that when I was selecting everything, the emitters were also selected and Maya did not want to apply the command to the emitters.

THIS DID NOT WORK:  the particle object might not have a relationship to the field. Goto .window->relationship editors > Dynamic Relationship and select the particle object on the left. Then select the “fields” radio button and select your gravity field. I will change colors to show it is now linked. That’s the long of making sure your relationships are right

//Error:  No valid items were selected.  Must be joints, effectors or nurbs curves.

//Error:  No skins were selected. (when binding skin and removing unused influences)

// Error:Object ‘spotLightPreviewPort1’ not found

//Error:  Socket Error creating command port JADE2-OCL =7835 (10048)

Your firewall is blocking maya.  It needs to search for a license on the internet in order to render.

>> Why does it need to get through the firewall

Because it uses internet sockets for inter process communication. The batch render is a separate program. Now since sockets already provide a robust inter process and inter computer communication protocol theres no need to implement one more protocol for communication just on the local machine. Basically what it does is it opens a internet connection form you to you so it can open a  communication channel.

Second the batch renderer need sa network connection in order to obtain a licence, again it will talk to the local computer unless you’ve defined a licensing server and again over the network. Since this si a separate application form the maya you run it also needs a separate entry form your firewall application.

//Error:Target R_hand_manipulator not valid, Targets must be of type ikHandle. (when trying to apply a pole vector constraint)

//Error:  Target list was empty or contained no valid targets. (when trying to apply point constraint to curve)

FIX:  Make sure to select the bone first and then shift-select the curve.

//Error:  The command requires at least 1 argument(s) to be specified or selected; found 0. (after pressing Modify – Freeze Transformations) [to solve this, I think you select the control or whatever selection you are focusing on and then try again)

//Error:  There are no more commands to undo.

// Error: file: C:/Users/Documents/maya/scripts/KludgeCity.mel line 1875: A building with this name already exists.  KludgeCity will now self-destruct.  Goodbye cruel world.
FIX:  still working on this.  Best answer so far is to install the older EdW version.  2.0 has been giving a lot of people problems.


//Warning:  Object, ‘L_Control_Left_Foot,” skipped.   It is already a child of the parent, ‘world’,

Fix this:  Select the other object and press SHIFT-P to unparent.

//Warning: Joint orientation aborted. Cannot orient joints bound to skin.

//Warning: Animation blending not allowed on constraints with locked output.

//Warning: file:C:/Program Files (86)Autodesk/Maya2013/scripts/others/createHair.mel line 62: No objects selected for hair creation

This warning message was received when using nhair.

//Warning: polyProjection works only on polygonal faces; try turning Polygons > ToolOptions > ConvertSelection On.

Maya is trying to say ‘This tool only works when polygon faces are selected’.

Do you have a transform or shape node selected (i.e you’re in object mode) when you do the planar mapping?

Try selecting the poly faces you want mapped first then do the planar projection.

Set Preferred Angle (skeleton/joints) e

Assume Preferred Angle (skeleton/joints)(select overall skeleton first)

Freeze transformations

Problem:  Skin Binding

Every time I bind move a limb, vertices seem to “tug each other” like their pulling nearby vertices. How do i fix that?

FIX:  Paint weights


Parenting – to undo parenting  press Shift-P to unparent

How to Parent:
1.  Select the children first

2.  then shift-select the parent last copied

Parents and children in hierarchies work as follows: Where the parent goes, the child must follow, but the child is otherwise free to roam. The child objects can still be animated independently, however, without affecting the parent.

With groups, the group node can be animated and all the members of the group follow the group node, but the group’s members can still animate independently of the group. When you group several objects, Maya creates the group transform node, which can’t be rendered.

You can directly assign hierarchical relationships to objects by selecting the child object(s), Shift-clicking to select the parent, and then choosing Edit >Parent (hotkey: p). Any transform applied to the parent is then reflected in the child. You can also break this bond by using Edit>Unparent (hotkey: Shift+P). This works only when the child object or objects are selected.

HELP I’m stuck in the Paint Mode.   I accidentally hit the 8 key and entered Paint Mode and now I’m stuck.  How do I get out of Paint?

FIX:  Simply hit the 8 key again and/or hit the Select Tool and hit the 8 key.



I’m keyframing and changing poses, but my character won’t move.


Preferences Folder – (/Users/beige/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2012-x64/prefs/userPrefs.mel

Resolution Gate – View – Camera Settings – Resolution Gate



Problem:  Tool won’t work.

FIX 1:  Go to and see if there is a fix upgrade.


INPUTS are missing from the channel box.
FIX:  Turn the construction history back on.

Missing TImeline

Right click in the bottom left area and check off Time Slider


DISPLAY –  UI Elements – TIME SLIDER  and  Range Slider


Problem:  Import model and it is laying down.

FIX 1:  Check the format and make sure it is in the maya format with the .mb extension.


Problem:  Skeleton separates from geometry when scaling down in the Global Master Node:

Fix:  Still looking.

Problem:  Can’t delete Constraints

Fix 1:  Open the Outliner and delete constraints from there.

Edit – delete

Problem:  Insert Joint Tool won’t work.

(there is a difference between the JOINT TOOL and the INSERT JOINT TOOL.  Are you using the right tool?)

Fix 1:  Change the VIEW to an orthographic view such as Top, Front, Side.  The Joint Tools will not work in the perspective view.  But you will not be able to zoom in and out in Maya with the scroll button.

Fix 2:   You need to click on the grid to get joints to appear.  So, try the TOP view or just click on the grid in the Perspective view.

Middle Mouse Button keeps zooming and sometimes turns into a dot.

Window>Settings/Preferences>Preferences>Interface>Devices>Mouse Scroll Wheel [] and uncheck Enable

Yes, the scroll feature will still work with other programs, but not with Maya

zoom by pressing ALT + RMB dragging up and down

Zooming in and out Manually

zoom by pressing ALT + RMB dragging up and down

Fixing it in Maya


Playblast – Window – Playblast

Problem:  When hitting the spacebar to go into the different views, the panels option menu is missing.

FIX:  Hold down the spacebar and select the hotbox – window options – Turn on pane menus