Vocabulary 3D Shaders Defined

Vocabulary 3D Shaders Defined

base shader shaders designed for easy graph building
BRDF shader (Bi-directional Reflectance Distribution Function) a new type of material property to support common shading and texturing tasks with a single shading function which is designed to work with both direct and indirect illumination.
bump mapping a technique that simulates surface structure by sampling the color map several times to determine a normal perturbation
bump shading  textures for bump shading are called Normal Maps
Fragment Shader FSH Fragment SHader – processed one time for each fragment (not necessarily a pixel)
GLSL ES The shader language or Embedded Systems
CgFX Shaders
HLSL Shaders
interpolated values
material shader primary shader
Monolithic Shader Shaders that do all the work internally
Normal Maps textures for bump shading. We store the Normal Vector value in the Normal Map
NVIDIA Shader Library NVIDIA Shader Library
Open GL Uses phong shading by default
phong a type of shader
pixel shader Also known as fragment shaders.  Compute the color and other attributes of each fragment. PSH – Pixel SHader
.psh file extension Pixel SHader
Shader is a general term for a program or group of settings that tell a graphics card how to draw (or shade) something.  Sometimes the word shader is used to refer to the type of file having a shader extension.
ShaderLab The program in Unity3D which is a collection of fixed function settings, vertext, fragment and surface shaders which tell Unity how to render meshes on different types of hardware.
Shader Program A set of two shaders:  vertex shader and a fragment shader.
specular lights a shader effect that is the little speck of light
tessellation shaders This allows objects close to the camera to have fine detailIt adds two new shader stages to the traditional model. Tessellation Control Shaders and Tessellation Evaluation Shaders  which together allow for simpler meshes to be subdivided into finer meshes at run-time according to a mathematical function.
 Vertex shaders Vertex shaders are processed one time for each vertex. (VSH stands for Vertext SHader)
VSH file extension Vertex SHader definitions for Direct3D programming
Dynamic variables can be assigned only to the Attribute kind exclusive to VSH.








































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