Troubleshooting Autodesk Maya Errors Warnings

Troubleshooting Autodesk Maya Errors Warnings

Will add errors and fixes as I find them.

How to do a manual reset on Maya:  Navigate to the C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\maya and rename the 2015-x64 folder  to old_2015-x64_old then restart Maya.

Problem:  Maya 2016:  The Perspective Viewing Window is Missing or not displaying
Possible Fix:  1st, the perspective view is achieved by the perspective camera.  Look in the Outliner and see if the camera is there.  There should be four cameras in the Outliner: Persp, Top, Front and Side.  If you do see the Persp Camera, Click on Panels – Perspective – Perspective (this is the perspective camera view) You will find Panels right inside the present viewing window.

Maya 2015 Education Version Troubleshooting Autodesk Maya Errors Warnings

Problem:  // Warning: Viewport 2.0 is not supported by your current graphics configuration or graphics driver version.   The application is reverting to the legacy default viewport, please correct your graphics configuration or set the “Default viewport” preference to “Legacy Default Viewport” to prevent this error from recurring.
Possible Fix:  from the autodesk site: visit to download and update your driver.  To find your card name go to Control Panel – System – Device Manager – Display Adapters

Maya 2015 Education Version after upgrading from Maya 2014
Errors have occurred while reading this scene that may result in data loss.  Please check the script Editor for details.
Possible Fix:  Make sure all the same plugins you used in 2014 are loaded into Maya 2015 such as Mental Ray Mayatomr.mll in Window – Settings and Preferences – Plugin Manager.

Maya 2015 Education Version after upgrading from Maya 2014
Problem:  Mayatomr.mll the Loaded checkbox won’t stay checked.  The Auto load does stay checked.
Possible Fix:  There is a Service Pack 5 SP5 for this specific problem.  Go to the autodesk site and download the SP5 for mental ray.